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Generic video analysis
Interest point detection and tracking
Abnormality detection in medical images and video
Capsule endoscopy video processing and analysis

Terms of use

  • If you find JVA framework useful please cite at least one of the papers listed here


  • Easy to use, extensible API
  • Code reusability
  • Platform independency
  • Out of the box plugin architecture
  • Written entirely in Java
  • Efficient video processing
  • Design with, agile methodologies, patterns and best practices

JVA framework is a software development framework which provides a formal API under which, different implementations of video acquisition, processing and analysis algorithms (e.g. based on other libraries or frameworks), can be integrated, and the code produced is not tightly coupled with the core framework. This maximizes code reusability and system reconfigurability since the different implementations can be seamlessly integrated within JVA and accessed in a standard and uniform way.