JVA Framework binaries v1.3.1.1 JVA Framework binariesv1.3.1.1

Download JVA Framework - Implementation
Name JVA Framework - Implementation
Authors Dimitris Diamantis, Dr. Dimitris Iakovidis
Release date 8 Jan 2014
Release notes
JVA framework Usage:
"Install" folder contains the JVA Framework with some sample plugins
Changing the sample plugins involves to the following steps : 
1) Go to "Install/Plugins/{TypeOfPlugin}/"
ex : Install/Plugins/FrameProcessors/
2) Delete everything under that folder
3) Copy-paste the new plugins (ie : your plugin jars) in that folder
4) Framework will automaticaly detect the changes and consume your new plugins.

Debugging a plugin:
1) Open config.txt which is in /Install/ folder
2) Change "Framework.Debug.Plugin" to "true" ie : Framework.Debug.Plugin=true
3) Change "Framework.Debug.Plugin.RootFolder" to your plugin debugging folder.
if you are using NetBeans IDE your debugging folder is under your project "dist" directory 
Example :  
Sample configuration