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Here you can find all the available plugins of the JVA Framework

Name Type Description Version
Simple Analysis Analyzer Configures the analyzation process
Slidding Windows Area Policy Provides a Slidding windows area policy
Color Mean Feature Extractor Extracts Grayscale Color Mean
SURF Feature Extractor Feature Extractor Extracts SURF Interest Points and descriptors from images
Image Steaching Analyzer Image Analyzer Provides state for the SURF-RANSAC-Homography stitching analysis
Image Selector Image Data Source Provides images to the framework from a folder
Default Image Processor Image Processor Color images to grayscale | Crop | Anonymize videos
Live Player Output Handler Displays the output of the framework on screen
Cluster Visualizer Visualizer Partition M features in N clusters. Visualizes N clusters on a new color image
Image Stitching Visualizer Visualizer From the SURF points of 2 images, computes Homography matrix using the RANSAC algorithm and produce a stitched image